On August 26, Galileo Dreams recordings released an interesting collection " SPACE SAMPLER, VOL. 3" It presents five spaceambient tracks of musicians cohort Galileo ... and including me!) Happy listening and relaxation !

Strange ... I was born and raised in Leningrad, but I do not like Nevsky Prospekt ... Yeah, maybe before ... Microclimate, Lighthouse, Saigon, Kazan, and now ... no, now seems to be the best place in feel One in the Crowd ...
Check out the new track on on Mixcloud

From today, a pilot track of our new joint project with Vadim Saturinym available on Mixcloud


С сегодняшнего дня пилотный трек нашего нового совместного проекта с Вадимом Сатуриным доступен для прослущивания на Mixcloud

"Полевые записи" огромная и увлекательная часть моей жизни...

Have you been to Outer Space lately? I figured you probably have not, so I want to invite you there! This coming August, together, we will leave our galaxy and cruise towards the distant stars at blistering speed of 120 bpm. Seven brand new interstellar sound tracks will power our propulsion drive, which doubles as in-flight entertainment system. The work on it is still underway; you can hear the sound we recorded as we tested it



Давно ли были в космосе последний раз?)

My new track, created together with gorgeous Maijena, today became available for streaming on Soundcloud and Mixcloud


Сегодня, мой новый трек созданный совместно с великолепной вокалисткой Maijena стал доступен для прослушивания на Soundcloud и Mixcloud