A small performance with Blofeld. Use custom patch "EHS Nirvana2" .This video I made just for fun, or ... well, to show some eerie sounds, if desired, can be drawn from this gorgeous, you might say, has become a truly "popular" synthesizer!)))
The action was attended by:
-Waldorf Blofeld
-MFB Step64 (sequencing Waldorf)
-Novation Zero SL (controls the parameters of the synthesizer Blofeld)

New darkambient sound on Soundcloud

My new song ""Incantation"" is now available on Soundcloud

It's simple!

In action participated:
-board for cutting bread
-Color Pencil (Black)
- old-coin
-Novation Ultranova (Drone user patch)
-Korg CM-200 (Contact microphone)

Как известно, лучшие подраки - это те,которые сделаны своими руками...От себя добавлю -...тем более, если это руки твоих друзей!) На этот Новый год...