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The stunning beauty of the video preview to my new album "Ocean Session", the output of which will be held on April 18 appeared on the label's official page! I am pleased to share them with you! Eight minutes magnificent ocean with seagulls and of course chic sea sunsets!

"Mankind will not forever remain on Earth, but in the pursuit of light and space will first timidly emerge from the bounds of the atmosphere, and then advance until he has conquered the whole of circumsolar space."
Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky
"New Day under New Sky" - a story about traveling to new home, a new world, a new hope. Journey through your dreams, your desires. Journey to a place where you will have a new day under new sky.
New compilation from label "Galileo Dreams" with a wonderful, atmospheric music that will take you away from our boring world.

A small performance with Blofeld. Use custom patch "EHS Nirvana2" .This video I made just for fun, or ... well, to show some eerie sounds, if desired, can be drawn from this gorgeous, you might say, has become a truly "popular" synthesizer!)))
The action was attended by:
-Waldorf Blofeld
-MFB Step64 (sequencing Waldorf)
-Novation Zero SL (controls the parameters of the synthesizer Blofeld)

New darkambient sound on Soundcloud

My new song ""Incantation"" is now available on Soundcloud

It's simple!

In action participated:
-board for cutting bread
-Color Pencil (Black)
- old-coin
-Novation Ultranova (Drone user patch)
-Korg CM-200 (Contact microphone)

Как известно, лучшие подраки - это те,которые сделаны своими руками...От себя добавлю -...тем более, если это руки твоих друзей!) На этот Новый год...